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I seriously don't think people understand. The thoughts that go through your head when you have an eating disorder feels like mental abuse.

Brain: You're seriously eating again? Wow.

Brain: It's ten o'clock at night. Do you need that bowl of cereal?

Brain: God, can you see that? You need to get rid of all that fat.

Brain: Look at your thighs. Why isn't there a gap between them, hm?

Brain: Do you know how much you fucking ate today?

Brain: Well? What are you waiting for? Go throw up!

Brain: That boy's never going to like you. Boys don't like fat girls.

Brain: Skinny people don't eat. It's simple.

Brain: Why did you just eat that? Go on, stick a toothbrush down your throat.

Brain: You are such a fat ass.

Brain: You see that? You see that muffin top? Yeah, that's gotta go.

Brain: Oh, and the fat on your arms too.

Brain: And don't forget your nasty thighs.

Brain: I bet people look at you and call you a whale.

Brain: That's what you are! A fat whale!

Brain: You see that girl over there? Why can't you be skinny like her?

Brain: No boy will ever like you. You're too fat. You need to lose weight.

Brain: 130 pounds? Are you fucking kidding me? That sounds like a fucking elephant.

Brain: You need to be at least eighty five.

Brain: Lie. Say you've eaten today.

Brain: Tell them you aren't hungry.

Brain: You'd better not do this again tomorrow.

Brain: Feel that? Feel your jeans squeezing? Yeah, that's what happens to fat people.

Brain: You're never going to be good enough, I hope you realize that.

Brain: Fine. Be fat. See if I care when you can't get up out of bed because your fat ass can't move.

Brain: Uhm, excuse me? No, you aren't hungry. Don't you dare fucking ask for food.

Brain: You just want water.

Brain: Boy, that looks good, doesn't it? Well you can't fucking eat it.

Brain: You're such a fat ass.

Brain: No, you don't have a disorder. You've got everything under control.

08 February 2013 · 1,685 notes

Tagged: ED. eating disorders. Bulimia. Anorexia. Anorexic. Guilt. Brain. Mental. Abuse. Problems. Fat. Ugly. Whale. You don't understand. I'm fine.

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